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Wrong Phrase? Get It Right!

Why Phrase It Right toolkit and not Google /dictionary?

Googling yields both right and probably wrong phrases.

Dictionary provides meaning of individual words, not terms.

Solution: Subscribe to Phrase It Right toolkit.

Salient features


You can upgrade your subscription from a lower version to a higher version (for example, from Basic to Premium)
You cannot downgrade your subscription from a higher version to a lower version.
No, we cannot cancel your subscription after purchase. As we provide a three-day trial period, you can check the usefulness of the tool before purchase. You can also transfer your subscription to someone else.
The licence is intended for a single user. You cannot share the licence with anyone else. Only one login is possible at any given point in time.
If a company buys multiple licences, these will act as a floating licence. For example, if you buy five licences, any five users can use it at a time.
Any student studying in a full-time course at any accredited college or university can use the student discount. You need to send copy of your currently valid identity card (the validity period should be available on the card). The order is processed after we confirm the status. Persons studying part-time in a language school or doing a correspondence course are not eligible for this discount.
You can register for a free trial licence which is valid for three days (168 hours from the time of login). The trial licence cannot be used on the same device multiple times. Complete Standard licence functionality is available (private terms cannot be added).
We help writers add variety to their writing by using different combinations of words. This tool can be used in conjunction with our online grammar course to help you take your language proficiency to the next level.
This is a constantly growing database. New terms are added on a weekly basis.
Yes, this is possible in two ways:

Suggest a Headword
If no results are shown on entry of a headword, you can send a request (by clicking on this link) to add the headword and associated collocations in the database. We will try to locate suitable collocations and add in the database in the coming weeks. As such requests would be placed in a queue, we cannot guarantee by when the collocations would be added. A notification will be sent to you on addition. These collocations would be available for viewing by all subscribers.

Add a Headword
Premium users can request addition of new headwords relating to their domain. We will do research and add at least 10 collocations or phrases per headword. Premium users can request addition of 50 headwords per annum. We will add the headword within one week of the request. User has to provide the headword, domain, and suggested online links containing information on the particular headword. These collocations would be available for viewing by all subscribers.

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