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We are excited to announce the launch of the Phrase It Right toolkit from ewriteright.in, a division of Trans Infopreneur Inc., Bangalore. Phrase It Right is a unique online tool for English collocations (frequently occurring word pairs) and synonym phrases. This is the world’s first-of-its kind writer’s phrase aid consisting of over 500,000 terms. The toolkit helps writers to enhance their writing with better language and vocabulary. This is a web-based online tool with an annual subscription.

Trans Infopreneur Inc. is India’s premier, professionally managed one-stop language specialist, providing translation, interpretation, DTP, voice-over, software localisation (L10n) and internationalisation (I18n), web globalisation, multilingual project management, Trados TM maintenance and alignment, terminology management and associated services in over 100 Asian, European,Indian, African, and Polynesian languages.

All English translations carried out by Trans Infopreneur Inc. are reviewed by native UK/USA proofreaders. Over the years, we have built up an impressive database of correct and incorrect usage, developed mnemonics, and created style guides for clients in different industries. As a translation company we are the interface between technical writers and translators. We advise writers on how to write in plain English so that the context is easily understood by translators.

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