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You can subscribe to our 7-day free trial and check out the course before you purchase. The complete course is available during the trial period.
At present, we have an online subscription only. In the next few months, we will launch an offline version and a mobile version.
Yes, we can organise a workshop or demo at your institution. Please fill in this form and send it to us; our representative will call you to fix an appointment.
This is not possible as the marks stored are specific to you. Each subscription is meant for one person only.
No, we cannot cancel your subscription after purchase. As we provide a 7-day free trial period, you can check the usefulness of the course before purchase.
Yes, this is possible. You can purchase multiples licences.

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Technical support

Internet connection is required as this is an online subscription product.
You may not have activated your email ID. After the registration process is completed you will receive an activation mail. Click on the link to activate your subscription. If you still have difficulties, please contact us.
No, it is not possible. You can login from one device only (mobile, PC, laptop, or tablet).
Yes, as this is an online e-learning course you can access it from anywhere in the world, and from any internet-enabled computer, laptop or tablet.

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